Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Resurfacing after a lengthy leave of absence

Oh blog, how I've neglected you.  I had another son in November and I'm still trying to arrange my life to work around my absolute NEED to crochet and relieve some of my crafty clogginess.  BJC did get a new logo while I was on maternity leave, so this site will be getting  a little makeover as soon as I can get that accomplished.  Now that I'm not preggo anymore and little man is sleeping through the night (mostly), my old friend Insomnia is making itself known again, so I may be able to squeeze in a blog makeover some night while Husband is sawing logs and the kids are quiet.

Please don't discount me yet!  My New Year resolution was to 1.) get ripped, like really ripped, and 2.) find the time to blog!  I want to be able to share more stuff and get more opinions.  Therefore, I must blog. 

Until we meet again,

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