Thursday, January 12, 2012

1000th Etsy Sale!

"Happy Happy Joy Joy, Happy Happy Joy Joy"!  So, am I old or just immature for singing Ren and Stimpy in celebration of my 1000th Etsy sale?  Either way, I'm so happy!  THANK YOU for helping me reach 1000 sales in just over 1 year!  To celebrate, EVERYTHING is 15% off until Next Friday, the 19th!  This includes custom orders! 

Also, I just joined the Pinterest and I'm really confused, but in a happy kind of way.  I think I feel like my mom did when she joined Facebook the first time.  Anyhow, if anyone wants to be invited in (its a pretty elitist group, lol), just shout at me and I'll send you a link for it.  If you're already on Pinterest, go check out my Etsy shop and start Pinning!  Here's a perfect example of a Pin-worthy pic...

This amazing photograph taken by Valerie Ott Photography
in Kalamazoo, MI.  Check her out at:

The next tutorial coming up this weekend is how to do a Magic Ring so check me out next week for that one!

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  1. Congratulations! Even though every sale brings a cheer...this must be really special!