Sunday, January 15, 2012

Goodbye Etsy, Hello Artfire!

I've been with Etsy for a year now and after fully considering the options, I'm moving shop to ArtFire.  My Etsy shop is deactivated, and I may or may not reopen it.  The kicker is the fees.  For the last 3 months, I have paid more in fees to Etsy than I have actually made.  Etsy charges listing fees, sale fees, and they have made it impossible to get exposure without constantly relisting.  With the added PayPal fees and material costs, I just can't keep up.  Artfire is charging a flat-rate $11.99/month, which is great for me!

Please come over to Blue J Crochet on Artfire and support my new shop!  I know it will take time to build up the same customer base that I had before, but I'm certainly hoping it becomes even more successful than Etsy.  Artfire also makes it easier to make sales, coupons and gift certificates, so I'll be really happy to be able to offer more discounted goodies!

The Giveaway for this month will be changed from my Etsy shop to my Artfire shop, however all of the products are exactly the same and my prices haven't changed, so you can still use the $25.00 Gift Certificate for all of the same stuff you could have found on Etsy.  It will take me a few days to get all of my items relisted but I'm working on it!

Use this for 25% off all patterns at my new ArtFire shop for the next 5 days!  Pass it on to all of your friends and help me kick off to a great start! 

Thanks for your continued support!  I love you guys!
♥ Julie


  1. I will miss you on Etsy, but will visit the Artfire store. Good luck!!

    1. Well, I've reopened the Etsy shop. I'll be on both now :)